The MOMS™ Medical Billing and Practice Management software is designed to streamline physician billing processes in order to maximize reimbursement.

MOMS Main Screen

The MOMS™ billing software is suitable for:

  • Family Practice/Internal Medicine Providers
  • Allergy, Anesthesia, Cardiology, Nephrology, and other Specialists
  • Billing Services

Using the our practice management software, service providers can:

  • Bill insurance claims, electronically or on paper
  • Document insurance and patient collection activity
  • Send patient statements, electronically or on paper
  • View insurance responses and correct claims efficiently.

MOMS™ also allows clinics to:

  • Store patient image and documents electronically.
  • Electronically prescribe medications
  • Track laboratory orders and results
  • Check patient eligibility
  • Track and report income (with over 250 reports.)
  • Create custom reports and forms
  • Process credit card transactions.

While many software vendors boast a comparable set of features, few of them are able to match MOMS™ in terms quality and efficiency. MOMS™ was developed by an experienced team of designers and is continuously updated to improve the user experience through direct customer feedback.